Dr. Krause speaks to the community about the importance of exercise

Doctor Krause is involved in a new local initiative to get the message out to our community that exercise is not only preventative of disease, but also an effective treatment of it.  He has spoken at the UC Davis Medical Center and many medical conferences about the treatment of Ski and Snowboard injuries, Multisport training and the Health Benefits of Cross Training and Regular Exercise.
US Government guidelines recommend all those 18-64 years of age engage in a minimum of 150 minutes/week of exercise for fitness.  Furthermore, they recommend to those who are overweight should exercise 300 minutes/week for weight loss.  They also recommend at least 2 days/week of resistance training (ie weights).  Many of our patients are already exercising and we encourage and support them to remain active...  
Dr Krause will be speaking at some community events and sharing the benefits of exercise to our community members for their physical and mental health.  This is a collaborative effort with the staff of the Tahoe Forest Center for Health and Sports Performance.  Get active and stay active!  For more information come see one of our doctors at TTMG and/or go to www.health.gov/paguidelines.