Swine Flu Information

TTMG is staying abreast of updates to the spread of Influenza A H1N1, aka Swine Flu.  If you are experiencing flu-like symptoms (fever with sore throat and/or cough or other symptoms), especially if you have travelled to areas with known cases or have been exposed to many people with a similar illness, please contact our office to schedule an appointment or arrange to come in as a walk-in.  We can examine you and arrange to have you tested for the H1N1 strain of Influenza if necessary.

We have not had any known cases in our Truckee Tahoe area but will keep our patients posted, especially if local cases develop.

For additional information about the Swine Flu, see the CDC website:



or the Tahoe Forest Hospital website which is keeping local information updated:  www.tfhd.com.

Another government sponsored link: www.pandemicflu.gov